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The DRUMMERS CORNER is very unique.  It is located in the corner of DON'S SANDWICH SHOP.  We are the only complete drum shop located in a sandwich shop!!  .  Just imagine, you can take a lesson, check out the merchandise, have your drum repaired, talk drums and enjoy a delicious sandwich.  It is the best of both worlds! 

The Drummers Corner is owned and operated by Pat and Elizabeth Clark.  Education is our main goal.  We believe that knowledge is power.  Can you imagine a C.E.O.,doctor, lawyer or a high school student that can't read a book?  Reading is fundamental.  Everyone has to learn to read.  Even musicians!  Especially drummers, because they are in the power position.  As a musician you must know your instrument inside and out.  Learn as much as you can. It is never to late to learn!      

We are known for our expert repair work.  We recover and refinish old drums that still sound great.  Custom build drums to your specifications, using Keller Shells.  Of course, we offer a complete line of drums, cymbals, sticks, cases, pads, parts and whatever else you may need.
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